A Grave Interest

by Lifeologist Madison Miles

Pine Cemetery is one of my favorite places to visit. I mentioned this to a friend and was met with a quizzical look.  Who likes to hang out in cemeteries?  I do.  Or rather – some. When living in Lunenburg, Ma. during the ages of 11-15 there was a graveyard that I would frequent. It was magical.  For me it was like an outdoor art museum.  The different types of tombstones & statues, the architecture of the mausoleums & crypts at different stages of age and decay – some beginning to moss over, others almost completely covered.  To walk in and find this beauty surrounded and infused with bushes, flowers & cherry trees, the fragrances titillating to my senses, was my own little slice of heaven. It was perfectly peaceful and I felt more connected to God/Source than anyplace else. I felt safe there. And it was one of the few places where I did.  I would go there to write and I would wander, reading the tombstones and paying homage to the souls that once resided. I would imagine stories about the people whose graves I visited and I would feel the sadness of the loss of those left behind. I felt connected. I felt love.  And it helped ease the pain of my life and provided me with hope of having this….this undying love in mine.

Unlike so many cemeteries these days where they only allow a marker, in Pine people are free to choose their tombstones. Whatever their desire. They add statues and decorate for their loved ones to their hearts content.  There are personal tables set up for tea, benches where you can relax and commune. They hang wind chimes in the trees, leave pictures, cards, writings and paint rocks for their loved ones.  There’s even a family grave where a corner is dedicated to the pets in their family, the collars & tokens speak of honor.  There’s a grave for Lillie May who was born on May 1, 1893 and died on July 3, 1893 – she was 2 months & 3 days old. Her tombstone told me that and it told me the pain the parents felt at her loss. And the flowers that were laid there just the other day, along with all the trinkets that sit at the base of that tombstone tell me how still –  to this day, 120 years later – someone is still thinking of Lillie.

Yes I like to visit graveyards.  There is so much love and a wondrous connection between me, Source and all those souls.

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