It’s the Why…

One of the reasons that I resonate so well with Brené Brown’s work is that she doesn’t do the ‘how-to’. She does the Why. Why we don’t live fully, loudly, boldly. Why we settle…in so called ‘safe’ places. What is between us and all those visions of ourselves, lives and relationships that we, so very […]

Find Your Inner Pan

Don’t forget to look up….often. And then, even more. There’s a sky that stretches forever…if you allow yourself, you can ride the wave of a daydream up there. Create characters from clouds and make friends with the moon- if you haven’t already done so. Stretch your neck back and allow all the concerns, worries to […]


Without fail, whenever I spend time with the moon and the night sky…. I am filled with a feeling of connectedness. I am reminded of how very small our Earth is, as I gaze out to the limitless universe. Powerhouses that we humans, how quickly we can be lost when we mistakenly gaze upon […]

Mom n Me

Bday gift from mom…beautiful and perfect. And I cried. The bracelet is a representation of how far my mom and I have come. We did not have the relationship that I needed when I was growing up. And I’m sure that statement is true for my mom as well. No, we can’t make our parents […]


My world has changed with my children so dramatically over the last year. My son became a father – thereby I am now grandma, my daughter moved out, she just became engaged and is moving this fall to Chicago. These are all beautiful things. And I still am catching up. I’m experiencing the empty nest […]


There’s a warmth of knowing where, with who you belong. It’s a strengthening. It touches deep inside to know, absolutely, that you are accepted. Valued. Loved. With all the faults and limitations that us humans have. I see so many of us sell ourselves short, compromise our self, our values, attempt to fit in, stay […]