In Gratitude

ThanksGiving is a daily occurrence in my life. It’s a necessity for me to acknowledge and appreciate all that I have & that I experience. This and the continual giving without an attachment keeps me in joy. They’re direct correlations. These last two days have been an unbelievable whirlwind of miracles, manifestation & gifts. In my normalcy I have so very much to be thankful for. And the list just continues to grow. I am eternally grateful To and For You.

Being invited into the most sacred of spaces, the space of you, to do the work that I do is a daily mantra of appreciation and gratitude. The sheer joy of partaking in the joining of souls through ceremony is a dance in love not only for my couples – for myself as well.  It’s not just the ability to teach – it’s the willing and eager participants with whom I get to share that I am forever grateful for.  My tribe, my people, my spirits that keep me grounded, supported, loved and real – out of my own BS. Without whom all of ‘this’ and the future of ‘that’ wouldn’t be possible. These and so many more are the pieces that make up my world – my magickal world.

A few weeks ago I started the application process to become a Daring Way Facilitator for the work by Brené Brown.  There were two dates – Dec and Feb – and I was determined to go in Dec.  There were only 100 slots originally available, hoops that needed to be jumped through and I still needed to be accepted. All before I could even register, never mind making the travel arrangements – the in person is in San Antonio TX. And the money – whoa! How was that happening? I received my acceptance Tue. Miracle upon miracle fell into place. Everything I asked for I got and I leave next Tue for my new adventure.

I have absolutely no idea where this new road will take me and I’m good with that. To add Brené Brown’s teachings into the work that I already do is phenomenal. The fact that I will be in her presence and taught by her next week is mind blowing. Yes, I have so very very much to be thankful for. And You my luvs are a part of that thanks. I wish You and Your loves countless blessings, unwavering love, limitless joy and endless happiness ~ XOXO Madison

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