The Drive Home

By Lifeologist Chris Johnson

I sat in my car and took a long sigh. It has been a long day, week, month, and year at this point. Life seemed to be catching up with me at this very moment. I turned the radio on to escape in the thought of an exciting song that had a different reality than what I was currently in. I pull out to start my trip home, looking forward to crashing into my bed and just sleep the thoughts away.

My heart interfered and told me to take the long way home today. So I headed on down the street with my windows down. Experiencing the gentle wind blowing in my hair and my friend the moon watching over me, ensuring I have a safe trip home. I couldn’t help but smile in this moment of driving and not worrying.

I drove further down the street and noticed how peaceful the city was. No traffic, no honking, and no busyness of people rushing to complete life saving tasks. It was just me, the moon, and nature having a rendezvous. The trees are happily swaying as I pass them and the stars are twinkling a little brighter than I had remembered the nights before. It felt so perfect.

Each Song that came on the radio was the perfect message to keep me in my zone of Peace and Balance. My thoughts were looking brighter and the future had no bearing on my happiness. I sang along to feel the complete experience of what I was meant to learn for myself. I felt like Mariah Carey and the trees, bugs and birds were my audience of fans that were there to cheer me on.

Emotions came up as I was belting lyrics of Love and Freedom. The questions popped into my head: Am I taking care of myself? And Am I taking time to enjoy life? I had to be honest with myself and realize that I was not. I was stuck in the daily grind of work, school, family, being single and just life. I started to realize how this was not serving me.

Knowing this information is beneficial for me to react to my reality that I am not happy with. I am not saying that I should quit my job or skip town by any means. I am saying that knowledge and awareness is power. What is one thing I can do differently tomorrow that will “take care of me and help me enjoy life”?

Sometimes life is about taking in the small pieces and living in the moment, instead of worrying about what isn’t there yet. Just “being” is a great way to enjoy life’s many treasures that we may take for granted when we are to busy to pay attention. This is an opportunity for me to live my life on purpose and brush off the worry and frustration.

I encourage everyone to take time out of your day to stop, take a breather and just enjoy your life. Every morning when you wake up ask yourself: “What is my intention for today and how will this help take care of me and help to enjoy life”?

Peace, Love, and Balance.


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