What Looks Like Crazy

Guest Blog by Nise Prince

I read a book once that said, “What looks like crazy on an ordinary day, looks a lot like love when you hold it in the moonlight.”  I never knew quite what that meant until this week.  This week has been crazy!  Let me give you some highlights.

  • I became a Grandma at the age of 46.
  • I danced in public, which I never, ever do, at a lovely gay dance club with my friend Javier.  We are both straight.  I am going back!
  • I played at the park with my nine year old friend Kenz and we are now proving how powerful kids are by planning a clean-up of said park.  I made her business cards!
  • I told my friend Janet she was strong.  She cried.
  • I helped organize a group so we can all practice being intuitive.  Afterwards, I had a deep discussion about evil, criminals and views of life over Jack Daniels Honey, Martinis and the best food ever.
  • I had a shopping spree in a candy store called Its Sugar!  I bought a flask that says, “Alcohol. Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad,” because I could.  I’m going back to buy the Double Bubble headphones.
  • I spent all day with a person I had never met before.  We spent $9,030 of his money on a bed, ate Italian for lunch, Steak for dinner, and I will probably never see him again.
  • I watched a movie that reminded me that crazy and love are often one in the same.
  • I wrote this blog to tell you all about it and to let out the thought that you need to let the crazy, the love, the life in and don’t forget the moonlight!

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