It is Time for a Love Revolution

Why I Do What I Do

By Madison Miles

There really wasn’t a plan. Any business owner/leader will tell you that’s the number one mistake. That you’re suppose to have a 5 year business plan, mission statement, vision statement, ect… Yet, I didn’t go into this with a plan. I went into this with a passion and a purpose. When you’re out to save the world a plan could be a good place to start. However, I don’t always start where I ‘should’ – I start where I’m lead.  You’ve heard the saying from Robert Burns,  ‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry’ – well, any time I’ve attempted to plan out even 6 months with what I believe to be the course – the plan always gets tossed on its head.

I didn’t grow up saying I want to be a Life Coach, a Clinical Hypnotherapist or an Ordained Minister…I didn’t grow up saying I wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor either. There really was no vision for myself of being anything. Looking back, there just was always acquiescence to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved. That was always my motivation, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time – to be loved, as well as give love.  I went to a holistic college to find myself, I was on the down side of a devastating divorce and had been ‘working on myself’ healing the past.  There was no intention of taking these classes so that I could start a business.  There was no thought of a business until I was about half way through school. And even then, it wasn’t a ‘business’ – it was I’m going to see a few clients.  I’ve gone through life looking at everybody else wondering why they aren’t stepping up to the plate and claiming their awesomeness. I’ve found myself being everybody else’s cheerleader, confidant, advisor, supporter, encourager – always believing they could accomplish all that they wanted.  And during all those years, as I was building others up…those words, were truly what I needed to say to myself.   Every dream, idea, thought that I had – I would bury. There was always that voice telling me the list of reasons why I couldn’t do ‘it’. I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t educated enough and there was always my past…a childhood of abuse that lead to an adulthood of shame.  See, shame is a funny thing, you can carry so much of it and not even realize it. Not even aware that the decisions you make are truly rooted in the experience you swore had no power over you.  And even though I felt strongly that my past had no bearing on my future – that voice inside my head told me a different story.

My journey through school had me contemplating life – my life and everyone else’s. I started looking at our society, the choices we make and the direction we’ve been heading as a collective. How we are such a conflict of statements, ideologies and values.  In my observations, we speak passionately about integrity, morality and responsibility – yet our most affluent industries promote entertainment, power and materialism. We’ve grown a society that is so self absorbed and entitled that we forsake ourselves for a dollar. That we sell out our children, our parents, our friends for a ‘step up’.  We don’t know our neighbor and sadly, we don’t want to. We have children with no regard to the actual responsibility of raising people. We’d rather run in a maze that’s endless than pause to actually discover how to escape.  We’re an entitled society. And I’m calling all of us on that.  And I don’t believe that we actually want to live this way. I believe that what most everyone is searching for is connection and the feeling of being a part of something larger than themselves. I also believe that sometimes, we just don’t know how to get there.

This is why I do what I do. This is what drives me. To educate, to share knowledge, to be your cheerleader and your supporter so that you can find the truth of who you are and how you truly want to live.  And then you get to show up in the world strong in yourself, confident in your dreams! It will be through your innovation that you will touch another life and inspire them. It will be through that inspiration that an idea is formed that will motivate another. As it spreads, our society starts to shift…just a bit and that’s ok. It starts small, then it grows. And it keeps growing.

I created Lifeology in the belief that the more we understand ourselves, the more confidence we have to express our dreams and to truly LIVE. Lifeology has been shifting, again with no plan, into Lifeology Education Center. I wasn’t given a handbook for life, tools on how to cope with the stressors, hurts, disappointments, losses. That’s what I envision for the education center. Life classes rooted in how to live happy and healthy lives. We’ve conditioned ourselves to believe that we don’t need to learn tools for ourselves – we should just know. Yet, it’s ok to take a management course for work to become a better manager, or go to school to further educate in your field of training. Your Life is your most valuable commodity – why would you not want to educate yourself in it?

Our society is lacking in innovation, in voices not weighed down in fear, we need your ideas and creativity to recreate our world into the vision that swims behind your eyes. There’s love there. Compassion and empathy. There’s connection. There’s relationships. There’s a world where we know not only our neighbors name but who’s turn it is to help out the family who just lost a loved one.  I do what I do because I care to see you live your life to the absolute highest potential. You were born for greatness and it may just be you who saves our world.

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